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The Oasis in Kanata is a community outreach program of Glen Cairn United Church (GCUC) dedicated to providing support for caregivers of people with mental illness.  (View a short video which explains the program’s background and services offered.)

Glen Cairn United Church is a congregation of the United Church of Canada.  Our outreach programs help our local community “fill the gaps in caring” – when there is no place else to turn.  We believe that the lack of support for caregivers of those with mental illness is a gap in our caring community.

A GCUC survey conducted in 2012 revealed that, although there are family support programs in other parts of the city, there is little programming focussed on helping caregivers right here in Kanata.  Although organizations such as the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre (WOCRC) can support caregivers with crisis and short-term counselling, there is also a need for ongoing information, connection, and support in non-crisis times.

GCUC responded to this need by starting a community outreach program and The Oasis in Kanata was born in 2013.


Helping caregivers build capacity, confidence, and resilience

The Oasis in Kanata is committed to providing support for all caregivers of people who suffer with symptoms of mental illness, and strives to do this from “cradle to grave.”

Conceptually, mental health problems can generally be defined as stemming from a combination of individual genetic pre-dispositions (Nature) and environmental stressors (Nurture).  With this in mind, The Oasis in Kanata works to provide support for caregivers through providing Information, Education, and Support.


The Oasis in Kanata maintains an extensive list of community and online agencies and resources, reports, and videos related to mental health.  (See our Resources page)  We also send news bulletins to individuals and organizations registered with us to announce our own upcoming events, as well as programs, courses, and events in the Ottawa area offered by other organizations and associations which might be of interest to caregivers.  (Also: see our Community news page)  To be added to our mailing list, Email your request to info@TheOasisKanata.ca.  NOTE: You may ask to have your Email address removed from this list at any time.


The Oasis in Kanata offers a variety of information sessions and courses throughout the year.  Information sessions are free; courses are offered at a nominal cost.  (See Our Commitment to Accessibility statement)  These work to provide caregivers and others with some insight into a specific mental health illness, or the systems in place to support them.  To learn about upcoming information sessions and courses, see the Oasis events page.


The Oasis in Kanata offers a free, professionally-facilitated caregiver support group, called Caregivers Matter, which generally meets the first Monday of every month.  The group offers information and facilitated discussion of issues of concern to caregivers in a confidential, small group setting.  For information, Email info@TheOasisKanata.ca.


Click here to download a copy of our double-sided 8½” x 11″ two-fold brochure which describes our program.

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