Reports, Books, and Articles

Caregiver Guidelines, from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.  Report

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBT-p)     A 12-page publication which describes this evidence-based talking therapy that concentrates on how an individual’s thoughts, behaviours, and emotions are connected.  Fact Sheet

Consider a Henson Trust is a booklet, sponsored by the Reena Foundation and The Law Foundation of Ontario, which describes this type of trust for families who wish to help support a relative who receives ODSP benefits.  Booklet

Expanding Caregiver Support in Ontario  “Advice from Janet Beed to the Honourable Eric Hoskins Minister of Health and Long-Term Care,” June 2017.  Report

Family Toolkit, from the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information to assist families in caring for a family member with a mental illness by providing information and practical resources.  Toolkit

Making Privacy and Consent Rules Work for Family Caregivers, from Ontario’s The Change Foundation, 2017.  Report

Mental Health and Addictions Leadership Advisory Council 2015 Annual Report, 2016.  Report

National Guidelines for a Comprehensive Service System to Support Family Caregivers of Adults with Mental Health Problems and Illnesses, from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.  Report

Pathways to Wellness: Example of a Wellness Wheel.

Promoting Mental Health in Ottawa – Summary Report 2018    This 20-page report reviews key local data from the 120-page Status of Mental Health in Ottawa – Report 2018, highlighting four evidence-informed factors that have a significant impact on Ottawa residents’ mental health, including: resilience, family relationships, social connectedness, and health equity and stigma.  Summary Report

Sexual Minorities and Suicide Prevention Toolkit    The Centre for Suicide Prevention (CSP) in Calgary, Alberta (a branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association), produced this 12-page toolkit in 2012.  Lesbian, gay, and bisexual people are at a higher risk for suicide than heterosexual people.  This is because they face unique stressors, including stress from being part of a minority group.  Toolkit

Sharing Together: Developing an evidence priority agenda for Ontario’s mental health, substance abuse, and addictions system, from the Evidence Exchange Network, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 2018.  Report

Spotlight on Ontario’s Caregivers     The Change Foundation publishes an annual survey to understand what it is like to be a caregiver in Ontario.  Specifically, the organization looks at the experience caregivers have with the healthcare system, the type of caring tasks they are engaged in, the time and financial commitment required, and the impact of being a caregiver on their mental, physical, and emotional state.  2018 Survey Report  2019 Survey Report

Status of Mental Health in Ottawa – Report 2018     This is the first local surveillance report to describe the state of mental health across the population of Ottawa.  See also the 20-page Promoting Mental Health in Ottawa – Summary Report 2018Report

Supporting Minds: An Educator’s Guide to Promoting Students’ Mental Health and Well-being, from the Ontario Ministry of Education.  Guide

Taking Care of Yourself: Self-Care Strategies for Family and Friend Caregivers     Family Caregivers of British Columbia (FCBC) has produced this seven-page booklet which shares strategies such as self-awareness, self-compassion, creating connections, and personal supports and health dimension planning.  The booklet includes a useful chart caregivers may use to explore the various dimensions of their own health, as well as a Caregiver Self-Assessment form to identify areas to consider in order to maintain one’s resilience.

TEMPO: A Report towards Improving Interactions between Police and People Living with Mental Health Problems, from the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCCReport

The Aspiring Workforce: Employment and Income for People with Serious Mental Illness, from the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), 2019Report

The Mentally Ill: How They Became Enmeshed in the Criminal Justice System and How We Might Get Them Out, Hon. Mr. Justice Richard D. Schneider, Department of Justice Canada, March 2015.  Report

Turning the Key: Assessing Housing and Related Supports for Persons Living with Mental Health Problems and Illness, from the Mental Health Commission of Canada, ca. 2011.  Report  Appendices

Published quarterly, Visions is a national award-winning journal that provides a forum for the voices of people experiencing a mental illness or substance use problem, their family and friends, and service providers in BC.  See also HeretoHelp, a project of the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information.  Visions is also available in EPUB format for reading on smartphone, tablet, or E-reader for free.   Journal