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Monday, May 28, 7 pm: “Maintaining Healthy Relationships.”  Psychologists Dr. Robyn Marquis and Dr. Joanne Bihari of the Ottawa Couple and Family Institute will discuss techniques to nurture and maintain healthy relationships within a family in which one of its members is suffering from a mental illness.  Free.  All welcome.  See poster for details.

NOTE: This is the rescheduled session from April 16 which had been cancelled because of freezing rain.

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Monday, June 4, 7 – 8:30 pm: Caregivers Matter   All caregivers are welcome to attend our monthly caregiver support group.  Preregistration is not required.  For information, contact Elise Laviolette, our Program Manager, at  OasisManager@TheOasisKanata.ca.

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Saturday, June 9, 9 am to 1 pm: Second Annual “Caregiver Retreat.”  FREE.  See full details here, and the link to the online registration form here.  To see what participants said about last year’s retreat, click hereDeadline to register: midnight, June 1.

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For questions about The Oasis in Kanata program, or information about upcoming sessions, visit our Contact page.  For information about other upcoming events in our community related to mental health, visit our Community News page.

NOTE: Please check our Web site prior to each event to confirm details.

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≡  2018 

May 5: A Taste of Mindfulness (half-day workshop)

March 19: Mood and Anxiety Concerns (information session)

February 12: Compassion: How Art Therapy Can Help (information session)

February 10 – May 5: Family Connections Course (12-week course)

January 15: Is the ODSP for you? (information session)

≡  2017 

November 20: Talking about Eating Disorders (information session)

November 14: PSC employment opportunities (MICA co-sponsored information session)

October 16: Exploring the Possibilities (information session)

September 20 – November 22: Family-to-Family Education Course (ten-week course)

September 18: Communication, Boundary-setting, and Self-care (information session)

June 10: Caregiver Retreat (half-day event)

May 29: Caregivers and Sleep (information session)

April 17: Caregivers and Trauma – Recognition and Healing (information session)

March 20: Gaining and Maintaining Balance (information session)

January 30 – April 8: Borderline Personality Disorder (twelve-week course)

January 16: Family Wellness and Coping Plans (information session)

≡  2016 

November 24: Mobile Crisis Team (information session)

October 24: Lived Experiences (information session)

September 19: Caring for Caregivers of Youth (information session)

May 16: Reducing Stress and Developing Resilience (information session)

April 18: Staying Strong – Care for the Caregiver (information session)

April 16: safeTALK (half-day workshop)

March 21: Health Headlines – Hope or Hype? (information session)

January 18: Caregivers and Powers of Attorney (information session)

January 9 – March 19: Borderline Personality Disorder (eleven-week course)

≡  2015 

October 24: Mental Illness Caregivers Association Summit 3 (co-hosted with MICA)

September 21: Naturopathy – Going beyond Anti-depressants (information session)

September 8 – October 27: Mindfulness Skills for Well-being (eight-week course)

May 25: The Will to Meaning – The Life and Works of Viktor Frankl (information session)

April 20: Housing and Mental Illness (information session)

February 22 – May 10: Dealing with Psychosis (eight-week course)

February 9: Borderline Personality Disorder (information session)

January 21: The Police and the Caregiver (information session)

≡  2014 

November 17: Cognition and Psychosis (information session)

October 21: Managing Difficult Emotions (information session)

September 15: Mental Illness – Effects on the Family (information session)

May 27: Self-harm, Suicide, and Emergency Planning (information session)

March 24: From Grief to Hope (information session)

February 10 – March 3: Strengthening Families Together (four-week course)

January 20: Financial Issues for Caregivers (information session)

≡  2013 

December 16: Managing Holiday Stressors (information session)

November 19: Care for the Caregiver – Importance of Looking after Oneself (information session)

October 21: Communication Skills – Where Do We Go from Here? (information session)

September 23: Mental Illness – A Family’s Journey (information session)

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